Here are a selection of key articles that have been posted over the past few years.

Jailbreak Your Mind

The Problem of Suffering

Understanding and Ending the Civil War in Your Mind

A Revolutionary New Understanding of Experience and Reality

The 3 Levels of Reality and the Walls of Our Mental Prison

The Experience Equation


What If You Were Born Happy?

The Only Thing You Ever Need to Know About Self Esteem

Why You Have to Dare to Be True to You

Desensitised To Life, Part 1: Asleep At the Wheel / Part 2: Lost In Thought / Part 3: Coming Back to Life

Imperfect Person, Perfect Awareness

The Fundamental Human Problem

Trapped by the Mind: A Portrait of Human Insanity

Success, Failure…and Letting Go Of the Need To Control the Outcome

Life Owes Us Nothing

The key to inner peace: distinguishing between the content and the context of your life

Animals Get It. Why Don’t People?

Dealing With Emotions

Emotions Are Not What We Think They Are, But What We Think, They Are!

Clean Pain and Dirty Pain: The two types of emotional suffering

Changing Old Psychological Scripts

How to dismantle negative thoughts and beliefs

The Tao of Emotions

How To Release Emotions

An Internal Civil War (Advice for Dealing With Emotional Stress) / Why Life Isn’t the Problem (We Are!)

Karma Yoga, Part 1: The Fundamental Human Problem / Karma Yoga, Part 2: How to Live a Stress-Free Life


Personal Development

Say Yes to the Mess

Why Our Lives Have Only Relative Importance

The Power of Unplugging

Shake Things Up!

Living With Integrity

My F**k It List


The 4 Most Important Things I Ever Learned About Relationships

Religion and Its War on Sex

The Truth About Human Relationships

Society and Culture

Our Culture’s Obsession With Money: Killing Us As Well As the Planet?

Money Is NOT Real!

How To Save the World




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